July 12, 2014

Ed Waterman Bigfoot photos (Real or Fake)

 Ed Waterman has posted a photo of a bigfoot (so he says). The picture was taken from 1/8 of a mile away and like most pictures on the Internet it isn't very good. I have no issues with the fuzzy picture. What bothers me is that he claims that there are 11 clans of Bigfoots within 20 miles of where he lives. That's 11 family groups in 1256 square miles. About 115 sq. miles per clan. How many Bigfoots per clan? 8 - 10? He claims 100's of Bigfoots. Lets go with 9 per clan. That's 99 Bigfoots running around in 1256 sq. miles on a peninsula to boot. He also claims to have over a thousand pictures of these Bigfoots, yet I haven't seen 1 clear concise photo. He claims they cloak themselves so clear pictures can't be taken. How about we get a professional wildlife photographer and if he can't get a clear picture I might go along with the cloaking idea. I believe that hiring an wildlife photographer would be a way to see if they're full of shit or they're telling the truth. How do they pay for the photographer you may ask? They don't. We set up one of those funding sources online to raise the money.Find someone not associated with Waterman and let him/her go in and get some real photos. There's no reason for Waterman not to go along with this unless of course he's full of horse shit. He can't say he doesn't want to give exact location because he wants to protect them. That won't fly because if he really feels that way, he wouldn't be posting his fuzzy pictures. Any halfway decent detective can find where he's getting his Bigfoot photos. Hell you probably don't need a detective. I'm sure there are lots of individuals who can quickly find out that info online. So I'm asking Ed Waterman, are you willing to take a real wildlife photographer with you for a period of time to prove to everyone that what you have been saying is true? That there are 11 clans of Bigfoots within 20 miles of your home?

November 22, 2013

Bigfoot body found?

Did someone find a Bigfoot body after it was hit by a speeding truck? I found a mounted Bigfoot head and figured maybe the body was damaged to much to be salvaged. It's either that or a full body mount was way to expensive. At lease that's what I think. Anyways you can bid on it at E-Bay. Starting bid was 1600.00. There were no bids so look for it to be relisted.

July 7, 2013


                      BIGFOOT COUNTY

Year made :                2012

Rated :                         R

Time :                          Approx  82 min.

                               Story line

This movie is a combination of two great movies. The Blair Witch
Project and Deliverance. Two brothers along with a girlfriend of one of the brothers are off to make a  Bigfoot documentary. They meet a man who had made a 911 call about a  Bigfoot on his property. They talk him into taking them into the deep forest in search of Bigfoot. The threesome soon find themselves in trouble when they are abandoned by the man and left by themselves, lost in the woods. While trying to find their way back to civilization they run into locals with bad intentions on there minds.
The difference between Deliverance / Blair Witch and Bigfoot County is that Deliverance and Blair Witch were great movies. Bigfoot County isn't even close to being a good movie. As a regular movie I might give it a 1 out of 5 rating. As a Bigfoot movie I give it zero (0) foots. There's no sense of a Bigfoot even in the area. A Bigfoot does make an appearance in the last few seconds of the film. Not enough to save this flick though. This is one film I won't watch again.

(0) foots out 5


Confession of a fake Squatch

OK. I have to confess that I'm not a Sasquatch but just your regular everyday man. I first saw Bigfoot watching the P/G film in my 3rd grade class. I was hooked then, but info was hard to get back then for a 3rd grader. There was no Internet and I really didn't have access to a library that carried books on Bigfoot. It wasn't until high school that I started to read books on them. The Internet still wasn't available then. Many of my classmates thought I was crazy. I'm sure most of them still think that. I remember telling a lot of them that by the time of our 25th graduation anniversary there would be proof positive of there existence. That day came and went. It's been 33 years since I've graduated and I really can't believe no one has brought out proof they exist. Government cover up? Maybe. Misidentified animals? Sure, on some but not all encounters. Hoax? Definitively on most, Again not all. With all the reports in the last 5 years or so you think that someone would have the smoking gun on Bigfoot. How many reports are actually real encounters? I'm sure it's a very very small amount. Like most of you I'm on the Internet checking and reading blogs on Bigfoot. Watching videos after videos hoping that one is the real deal. Most that you watch are nothing but lies and hoaxes, yet we keep on watching. One day it'll pay off when a Bigfoot is captured, shot or found dead. If that happens if it hasn't happened yet, the person(s) who comes across Bigfoot doesn't blab and say anything until they show a body. This keeps the government cover up out of the equation. Lets how this day comes sooner than later.
I still love watching Bigfoot films, good and bad and plan to doing more movie reviews and posting them and other related things on Bigfoot. I'm also working on a Bigfoot show on You Tube. I'm working on some things and learning to film, edit and posting on You Tube. It'll be posted under Spudman Films on You Tube.

May 26, 2013

"BIGFOOT" Movie review


                         Approx: 84 min


  A group of bikers and their girls ride up to the mountains for some fun. When one couple splits from the group for a little alone time they are attacked by a Bigfoot. After regaining consciousness the biker realize his girlfriend was taken by Bigfoot. He calls the sheriff who doesn't believe him and then calls for his friends to come back to help. Overhearing the calls for help, a traveling salesman along with his cousin offer to help. They head back to the mountain to search for the girl and are soon joined by his friends, a non believing sheriff and his deputy and a couple men living on the mountain with a score to settle. The mountain is now crawling with people as they search for the girl and Bigfoot. Soon they catch up with Bigfoot and a final confrontation ensues.

  The movie on a whole was pretty decent for it's time. The Bigfoots looked more Neanderthal which was more believable than some of the Bigfoots in films made 30 years later, which in some cases are horrendous. If you're a collector of Bigfoot films you should have this one in your group and you should enjoy watching. However with that being said, because of what I thought was a disappointing ending I'm giving this a 2 foot rating.


May 12, 2013

Clear your calender for a Bigfoot Adventure.

Want to look for Bigfoot, but don't know where to start. Try Bigfoot Adventure Weekends. They are starting a new venture on searching for Bigfoot. They are based out of Salt Fork State Park in Ohio and Gifford Pinchot National Park in Washington. For a fee they will provide you with a campsite for 3 days 4 nights. They will also hold classes on casting and collecting evidence. There will be night time investigating and searches along with a little bit of history of the area.Meals are also provided and anyone flying in will be picked up and dropped off at the airport. You do need to provide your own camping gear. It sounds like a lot of fun and if you're new to field research this should be a great learning experience. There first adventure is at Salt Fork on June 13-16. Work prevents me from going, otherwise I would have signed up already. For more info go to www.Bigfootadventureweekends.com  If anyone does go I'd love to hear about your adventure.

March 13, 2013

Sasquatch goes Hollywood

Has the Squatch gone Hollywood? He's been doing commercials for years now . Today he was featured (kind of) on Psych. A couple a weeks ago he was being searched for, at the start of The Mentalist. Last year he was on Grimm. There was another show that I can't pull out of my brain right now. In the last few months he's been mentioned at least a dozen times on various TV shows. With the success of Finding Bigfoot, mainstream Hollywood has taken notice and is getting in on the action. If you watch a lot of television, I'm sure you notice the trend in TV shows. You'll get one show on vampires that's a rating success, then there's two more on shortly after. Then there's the fairy tales. Grimm, Once upon a time, Red Riding Hood, etc. Detective shows are also big right now with Castle, Mentalist, Rizzoli & Isles. When there's a hot show, others will follow. So it's only a matter of time before Sasquatch has his own show. Now I'm not talking about a hide and seek shows like Finding Bigfoot and the ones that are coming out on cable soon, But something along the lines of Harry and the Hendersons. Or maybe a family of Bigfoots living in the forest of northern California having fun at the expense of campers, hikers and sightseers. It could be called Bigfoot California and if it becomes a hit they could gone NCIS on it. Think about it. You could have shows named Bigfoot Kentucky,  Bigfoot Oklahoma, Bigfoot Michigan,  etc. Who knows, he may even win an Emmy. The Squatch could show up at the award show with Brian Wilson. Remember, you heard it here first.